Study Procedures and Implementation

  1. Preparation of Loading Manuals, Trim & Stability Booklets, Damage Stability Manuals and Cargo Securing Manuals.
  2. Ship Security Assessment / Ship Security Plan
  3. Ballast Water Management Plans
  4. Marine Pollution and Environmental Awareness SOPEP & SMPEP
  5. Garbage Management Plans
  6. Safety Training Manuals
  7. Fire Prevention & Control Training Manuals

  1. Ship to Ship Management Plans
  2. Inclining Experiment Reports for Coastal vessels & Luxury Yachts
  3. 3D Model preparations
  4. Drawings preparation
  5. Emergency Towing Booklets
  6. Updates of several manuals and plans (i.e. Fire Control & Life Saving Appliances Plans)
  7. Plans And Procedures For Recovery Of Persons From The Water
  8. Ullage / Sounding Measurements
  9. International Tonnage Measurement Studies (I.T.C. '69)
  10. V.O.C. (VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND) Management Plans
  11. Bulk Cargo Booklets
  12. Gross & Net Tonnage Measurement according to Greek National Rules
  13. Damage Control Booklets & Plans
  14. Studies for the compliance with I.A.C.S. Unified Requirements.
    a. IACS URS 26 small access hatches to forecastle spaces on forecastle deck (or fwd main deck)
    b. IACS URS 27 air vent pipes on forecastle or fwd main deck
    c. IACS URS 30 hatch cover stoppers at fwd hatches within 0.25L of the fore perpendicular, usually hatch No.1 & 2
  15. Intact Stability Calculations, Loading Conditions, Longitudinal Strength, Loading / Unloading Sequences Manual.
  16. Container Vessels' Increase of Container Nominal Capacity (check from strength, stability & visibility aspect)
  17. Freeboard Calculations
  18. Visibility Studies, according to IMO and/or Panama/Suez requirements.
  19. Special Lashing Securing Manuals